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Notes about code, photography, music, and anything else that floats through life.

DogHouse Forge

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a trip up to DogHouse Forge in Lakeland, Florida to participate in a two day, hands on hatchet clinic. DogHouse Forge is run by Jonathan Porter and Alex Eisenberg and they hand forge high quality culinary tools, outdoor knives and probably anything else that strikes their interest.

A Tale of Two Retirement Companies

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The older I get, the more gratitude and feelings of pleasant surprise I feel for companies who get things right when dealing with a customer. On the flip side, the older I get, the less patience I have for really crappy companies with poor (or non-existent) customer service.

Putting It Out There

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Over the past year, my brother and I have been plugging away at building; a small SaaS application for metal detecting enthusiasts and collectors to have a simple way to catalog and archive all the items they find or collect.

Day Zero

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If you ain’t puckered up, then you ain’t drivin’ fast enough.

In other words, if you aren’t challenging yourself in life then you need to re-evaluate how you are spending your days on earth. I reached this realization a while back after another day, in a seemingly endless string of useless days, spent not accomplishing much, or worse yet, not having much of an impact.