Big Sky at Clematis by Night

By October 3, 2009 Music

Big Sky Angle

Those of you who went to the University of Florida in the 1990’s most likely had a chance to see Big Sky play at one point or another.

Several years after their “final tour”, the members of Big Sky teamed up to play several shows in Florida including a reunion show in Gainesville and a show at Clematis by Night

While I didn’t make the trip to Gainesville to see them (UF was playing TN that weekend and I hate traffic), there was no excuse to miss the Clematis by Night show since they were playing only a few miles down the street from work.

The show was great an the entire crowd enjoyed themselves.  The only disappointing part was the fact that most members of the band have moved onto other projects and any further shows could possibly be far and few between.

Check out some of the photos or videos from the night.  And if you don’t happen to have any of their albums, you can still grab them from Backspace Records.  Pick up a copy or two before the original pressings are all sold out.

If you don’t want to order online, then make it a point to check out Big Sky front man, Mark Gaignard at one of his shows with his new group Mark Gaignard & The Also Ran.  Who knows, he might have some copies left.

Big Sky – “Men at Work”