Blue Water

By March 5, 2013 humor, life

ToiletAhhhhhhh. Blue Water. In corporate america (at least among men), the locations of “Blue Water” (a freshly cleaned stall), is something much sought after and when found, is usually kept as a closely guarded secret. Why is it kept secret? Well, if you shared the location of such a treasure, the chances of it still being there when you most need it is significantly reduced.

A treasure you say? Why yes, yes it is. I mean think about it. If you happen upon blue water (especially late in the day) it means that this particular location is not visited very frequently and chances are good that you will not only have a fresh bathroom experience but also one free of any foot traffic and unnecessary conversation.

And honestly, some days you just need a few minutes away to recoup your sanity.

While not everyone can be a George Costanza, there are a few things you can do to find a nice, quiet, clean place to have a little bit of “you time” and contemplate your day.

First, stay off the ground floor. While not all office locations will have multiple floors, the ones that do should be explored. An additional thing to keep in mind about that first floor location is not only will you probably not locate blue water but the accessibility of such locations make them prone to those with urgent and possibly uncontrollable needs.

Second, find inconvenient or hard to get to locations. This will usually mean not a lot of foot traffic. The less foot traffic, the less ‘splainin’ you’ll have to do.

Finally, be sure to keep it secret and to keep it safe. Frodo didn’t spill the beans with the ring. Why should you let on about your new found throne?  

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