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Hanging around a few hundred feet up above Palm Beach County, Florida probably isn’t a job requirement for most web guys, but a chance to get out from behind a screen for a day and flex some atrophied photo muscles isn’t always bad thing. Unless the copter goes down hard.

coastPalm Beach County for the most part isn’t particularly pretty or interesting to look at from the air. The big exceptions being the coast and out around Lake Okeechobee. The beaches and waters off the coast from the air are calming. Someone should run a balloon service to simply raise people up above the beach line and let them sit up there for a while and take in the scenery. This could go a long way in giving residents and visitors alike some appreciation of where we spend our time. Plus, imagine the $$. A helicopter won’t do. Too much noise, risk and cost. A balloon on the other hand is quiet, simple and potentially less dangerous. Unless the balloon pops.

Being asked to perform duties not in line with typical job requirements does raise some interesting questions. Some of which I’ve never had (or chosen) to consider or address. Does one take a strict stance and only perform duties outlined in a supplied job description or is one flexible and accommodating to an employer’s request for services other than those fulfilling your job duties? I have always taken the stance of “as long as the paycheck is deposited, I’ll mop the floor if they want” but as I get a little older, I’m not so sure.

If you step back and take a wide look at the company you work for and it’s overall business objectives, you would assume that each employee has been hired to perform a specific set of tasks in order to fulfill the objectives of the company. Consistent deviations by a particular employee, either by not doing the required work out of choice or by being directed to work on other projects not in line with their responsibilities, would and does prevent a company of reaching it’s goals in any sort of a timely or efficient manner. That is why employees don’t meet deadlines and lose jobs.

While there is most certainly a place for on the job training and employee growth which requires the learning of skills not “defined” in a job description, the tasks being performed should at least be within the realm of the employee’s field. As I watch peers toil away on projects not suited for their qualifications, outside their primary job functions, or not benefiting their own personal growth, I sense the fabric of the organization being worn thin to the point of being torn.

A balloon ride is only enjoyable if the air is heated properly and the weave is tight.

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