BarCamp Palm Beach

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And it continues! BarCamp Palm Beach was last night at Bar Louie and Tin Fish in downtown West Palm Beach. It was good to see the momentum carrying forward from the weekend and see so many people show up. The group split up with web devs staying at Bar Louie and marketers going over to Tin Fish. I hung out around the devs and picked up some interesting tidbits on workflow processes and some really…

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Startup Weekend West Palm Beach

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Crazy tired today. But in a good way. Went waaaaaay outside my comfort zone this weekend and participated in Startup Weekend West Palm Beach (thanks for telling me JT!) where groups of people interested in starting up a new business come together, pitch concepts, vote on the ideas, form teams and work all weekend to validate their ideas. Before I go much further, a special thanks to all the organizers of the event, the participants,…

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Testing Email In Your Web Application

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Often times when you are building a new web application which supports sending out email confirmations or error notifications you want a simple way to test the message is sent correctly. A great tool to test locally on your development machine is to use a dummy SMTP server to which your application can deliver mail but not relay to the actual recipient. One such tool is smtp4dev.  Per the project description: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2010 compatible dummy…

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Exporting Microsoft SQL Server Data Using PowerShell

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One of the repetitive tasks coming across my desk over the past few years has been to regularly generate a CSV file from data in our Microsoft SQL Server instances for use by third party providers. While reading a newsletter from, I saw a post by Louis Li titled “Extracting data with headers using PowerShell“.  I’ve been working a bit with PowerShell and SharePoint 2013 so the article peaked my interest. Ways to dump…

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DNN Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida

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I had the great opportunity to spend the day getting a glimpse of the DNN (previously known as DotNetNuke) world during the DNN Conference at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach Florida. I’ve been to numerous conventions, conferences and user group meetings over the years and the conference today was one of the better ones. There was a true sense of community you usually don’t see at other conferences. As DNN is a…

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New Web Development Services Site

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Have you ever been to a really busy general contractor’s house and wonder to yourself, “this guy’s house could use some touch ups”? Chances are he isn’t lazy, he has just been focused on getting other client’s work done first. This was true for my “house” as well. My company web site, while certainly acceptable, had aged to the point where it was well overdue for an upgrade. The new site at now represents…

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URL Rewriting with IIS 7 and .NET 4.0

By, code, SEO

I have been focusing more and more on Search Engine Optimization for my clients and recently needed to modify a site to create better search friendly URLs by removing the default document from the URL, forcing all requests to the domain without the WWW and converting some querystring parameters to be search engine friendly.  In the past, especially when using a managed hosting account such as godaddy or the like, you might not have had…

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Jenzabar JICS URL Shortener

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In my current position at PBA, I’m required to manage our internal web application which is a product developed by Jenzabar called JICS (Jenzabar Internet Campus Solution). The product will create very long and cumbersome URLs which makes it difficult to advertise a specific page within the product in places such as printed materials or in conversation.   For example one location in the product containing files for students to download might be something like…

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