How do you move furniture?

By entrepreneur, life, productivity

What methods do you employ to move furniture?  I’m not talking about a sofa or a table. I’m speaking of people who have been in the same job for 20+ years and have no motivation to strive to achieve anything better than what they had 20 years ago.  How do you get them past a small mindset to help achieve something for the benefit of a larger group? If you aren’t in a position to…

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Three Ways to Protect your Business Resources

By clients, entrepreneur, productivity

What is the password to your website hosting account? Where is your domain name registration managed? Where do you go to create a new email account with your domain? Who has administrative access to your blog? If you are running your own business and don’t know the answers (or don’t know how to find the answers) to these questions, then using a few straightforward methods can help. Creating good documentation, delegating access to resources and…

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Link Roundup 2014-09-12

By links, productivity

I’ve been reading a book about military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and one topic which keeps coming up by the author is the weather and terrain in those locations. There is sand. Lots of sand and little (if any) grass. This got me thinking about what traits make the United States so great. One of them has to be our natural resources. Ample water, vegetation and the ability to grow things opens up so…

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Exporting Microsoft SQL Server Data Using PowerShell

By code, links, productivity

One of the repetitive tasks coming across my desk over the past few years has been to regularly generate a CSV file from data in our Microsoft SQL Server instances for use by third party providers. While reading a newsletter from, I saw a post by Louis Li titled “Extracting data with headers using PowerShell“.  I’ve been working a bit with PowerShell and SharePoint 2013 so the article peaked my interest. Ways to dump…

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Link Roundup 2014-01-03

By links, productivity

Happy New Year and all that jazz. Everyone stayed safe and didn’t have any regrets on the morning of 1/1 did they?  Here is to keeping 2014 in the positive and pushing out the negative. As I myself have been travelling and visiting with my loved ones, the list today is going to be short. Pay attention to the first one though. That should keep you busy for several weeks. Stay warm and hug the…

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Am I a Programmer?

By life, productivity

I get a daily newsletter from the CodeProject which always has at least one great article or comment to read through. Today’s was no exception and the timing couldn’t have been better. Last evening I had yet another discussion concerning what “I was” in terms of my current work position. Although I spend a good deal of time writing and optimizing code, I’m repeatedly told we do not have any “programmers” on staff at my…

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Rework by Jason Fried

By productivity

A while back a co-worker introduced me to the book Rework and other materials associated with Jason Fried and the 37signals crew.  If you haven’t done so already, go get the book and read it.  It’ll take you all of an afternoon to read it.   As I read through the book, I kept trying to picture some of the philosophies outlined being put into practice at my current and previous workplaces. Most of these…

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