New Web Development Services Site

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Have you ever been to a really busy general contractor’s house and wonder to yourself, “this guy’s house could use some touch ups”? Chances are he isn’t lazy, he has just been focused on getting other client’s work done first. This was true for my “house” as well. My company web site, while certainly acceptable, had aged to the point where it was well overdue for an upgrade. The new site at now represents…

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URL Rewriting with IIS 7 and .NET 4.0

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I have been focusing more and more on Search Engine Optimization for my clients and recently needed to modify a site to create better search friendly URLs by removing the default document from the URL, forcing all requests to the domain without the WWW and converting some querystring parameters to be search engine friendly.  In the past, especially when using a managed hosting account such as godaddy or the like, you might not have had…

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