DNN Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida

By October 19, 2013 asp.net, code, life

DNNI had the great opportunity to spend the day getting a glimpse of the DNN (previously known as DotNetNuke) world during the DNN Conference at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach Florida. I’ve been to numerous conventions, conferences and user group meetings over the years and the conference today was one of the better ones. There was a true sense of community you usually don’t see at other conferences. As DNN is a successful open source project, it only makes sense that there would be a great group of people behind it.

Although I missed the keynote, the day still started off great with my favorite presentation of the day by Jason Stone of Engage. He gave a great overview of Enterprise Social Networking and how those concepts can boost business. In addition to this presentation, I had the chance to sit in on how DNN can have a place on company Intranets, best practices with mobile menu design and learning when and why to build a DNN module. I was originally going to only sit in on a couple of presentations and then head out to take care of some other business. The sessions and environment were so positive however, that I decided to hang for the entire day. I was not disappoint.

The conference wrapped up with a series of great rapid fire presentations limited to 5 presenters with each presentation limited to 5 minutes. My personal favorite was the presentation given by Clint Patterson of why to hire a Southerner. Every slide was on point and the delivery was fantastic. I’ve got to find that slide of the Sweet Tea Belt…. 

In true community spirit (and in keeping with the principles taught at Palm Beach Atlantic University), Ryan Morgan of Arrow Consulting & Design (the major organizer of the event) presented a donation of $10,000 to Place of Hope, a Faith-Based State-Licensed Child Welfare Organization based in Palm Beach County. The donation would not have been possible had it not been for the support of all the sponsors of the conference.

If you ever get the opportunity to attend a future DNN Conference or a local user group of DNN supporters, be sure to check it out.  You’ll most likely meet some great people and will definitely learn something.