Entrepreneur Week July 2014

By July 28, 2014 entrepreneur

Have you ever found yourself with a strange burst of excitement, energy and ideas welling up within you to the point you have trouble sleeping or focusing?  That was me (strange, I know) last week during the 2nd Entrepreneur Week in West Palm Beach, Florida.  During the past week I found myself attending Startup Weekend West Palm Beach, BarCamp and then Startup Demo day this past Friday.  The previous two events have already been covered here and here. Startup Demo Day was the closing event for the week where ten startup companies had the chance to present their concepts to the general public as well as companies interested in either providing services to new companies or investing in new companies.

 Startup Weekend West Palm Beach
The Startup Weekend WPB participants courtesy of Startup Palm Beach

The final spot for Demo Day was reserved for TeamSponsor, the winner from a field of over 30 concepts for startup companies the previous weekend. It was a great experience to be part of the team behind TeamSponsor and to see our work sharing the presentation stage with 9 great companies already under way. Kate, Aaron and JT did a great job presenting the concept and we all received some very good feedback and encouragement from the crowd. 

Those who know me well realize how difficult it can be for me to engage in highly social events such as Entrepreneur Week.  For whatever reason, it takes a lot of energy out of me to always be “on”.  Perhaps science will find a cure for social awkwardness one day. Anyhow, one take away from this past week was the importance necessity of interacting not only with your peers but with your potential customers.  You have to get out there and validate your ideas in the real world. With people. That’s a concept I see a lot of technologists struggle with. Myself included. With that being said, being surrounding with all the positive reinforcement during Entrepreneur Week showed me a different type of social. One where it is okay to let the ideas and conversation flow. Find out if that idea of yours is crap before you have a ton of skin in the game…

If you have any interest at all in doing your own thing or even just simply spending some time around some really cool, smart people then consider supporting the local startup community and Startup Palm Beach. Show up for the events. Take that first step towards a stranger and introduce yourself. You just never know…

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