Fermenting and Racking

By January 4, 2011 beer

2011 is underway and so is the beer.  After about 4 days the fermenting settled down and I decided to move the beer to a secondary fermenter to allow it to condition and get it off all the crud.

Yeast eating away.

DSC_0582DSC_0580Siphoning off the beer from the big boy to the small boy is a straightforward process.  Again, you want to be clean about it.  No using your mouth to start the siphon.  Just fill up the hose with some sanitizer solution and get it going that way.

You’ll need a bucket to catch the beginning portion of the siphoned material and plenty of towels in case you are prone to making a mess. 

When you start the process, keep the end of the tube or racking cane off the crud at the bottom of the primary.  You don’t want any of that poured into the secondary.  It would defeat the purpose.



DSC_0586    DSC_0583     DSC_0585

Once you’ve finished moving the beer to the secondary (without introducing much oxygen or shaking) go ahead and put it back in a location out of light and at at constant temperature to condition for at least two weeks before bottling.

Until bottling time…

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