Link Roundup 2014-09-12

By September 12, 2014 links, productivity

DSC_3489I’ve been reading a book about military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and one topic which keeps coming up by the author is the weather and terrain in those locations. There is sand. Lots of sand and little (if any) grass. This got me thinking about what traits make the United States so great. One of them has to be our natural resources. Ample water, vegetation and the ability to grow things opens up so many opportunities to support and grow life instead of anger. I mean, imagine if you had to spend every day of your life with sand in your crotch. Wouldn’t you start to get a little pissed at those that didn’t?

Also, there is one thing Scott Hanselman failed to mention in his “Don’t check your email in the morning” blog post. If you check your email first thing in the morning, you might just find yourself in a fit of internal rage and spend the next couple of hours working yourself off a cliff. And if you are checking your email on your phone (and I know you are) then for heaven’s sake, please take a chance on implementing a CC rule for any mail not sent TO you. Your phone and mind will appreciate it.

Onto the links:

Short walking breaks found to reverse negative effects of prolonged sitting
But the boss only lets smokers take breaks.

Hacked Celeb Pics Made Reddit Enough Cash to Run Its Servers for a Month
In 6 days…

We’ve reached the end of “build it yourself” software
Why build a CMS platform when so many others do it better?

Adventures in Angular – HabitRPG
Making tasks a game. 

Why Google is Hurrying the Web to Kill SHA-1
Probably because of this.

Hilarious Exit Email from Capitol Hill Staffer Highlights Bizarre Environment
It really isn’t that bizarre. Sadly.

How to Choose the Best Mechanical Keyboard (and Why You’d Want To)
Clack Clack Clack this one is for you Gian.

Which Googler holds the record for living at Google HQ?
IT firefighters?

Ten Things To Do to Secure an Important Person’s Computer (or even Ashton’s or a Kardashian’s)
If only they had listened we wouldn’t have to listen to news anchors talking about Mr. 4chan.

Are Your Co-Workers Killing Your Productivity?
It’s almost a ‘viral’ phenomenon.