Link Roundup 2014-10-24

By October 24, 2014 links

What a week. From rains that would challenge Noah (I thought socks would dry quicker than they do) to moving back into an office complete with fans and a dehumidifier, it has been an interesting one. Thrown in there is a great (and promising) idea for a new application from my brother. If you are a collector of anything, keep on the lookout for posts about the project. In the meantime, enjoy these articles.

How to Market Your Software Business: A Guide for Developers
Without marketing, don’t bother.

Microsoft launches Azure cloud in a box
Awwww What’s in the box!?

6 Perfect Places for Your Email Sign up Forms
Sign up forms. Everywhere.

Microsoft blocks 10 million spam messages per minute
Don’t worry about those 5 spam messages you got yesterday.

EFF Relaunches Surveillance Self-Defense
Better learn know before it is really too late.

Two Factor Authentication in ASP.NET Web API & AngularJS using Google Authenticator
I’m gonna need some more coffee.