Link Roundup 2014-11-07

By November 7, 2014 links, martial arts

It is going to be another eventful weekend here in South Florida. The weather will be just right for some bamboo trimming.

Palm Beach Combat HapkidoIf you have nothing planned and are even remotely interested in the martial arts or self defense, then come out to Palm Beach Combat Hapkido‘s seminar on Saturday out in Wellington, Florida. We are hosting Grandmaster John Pellegrini again and he always delivers. It really is a rare chance to learn pieces of a martial arts system directly from the man who created the system. I’ll be there. Herniated discs and all…

If a defense seminar isn’t your thing but web sites and coding are, then stop by the DNN conference which is a conference surrounding the DNN (previously DotNetNuke) content management system. I went last year and there were some really good sessions that were applicable to many parts of IT, not just the CMS. The attendees are all very fun to be around and all in all it is a great time. Be sure to stay until the end for the rapid fire presentation session. Lots of laughs.

On a serious note, this past Thursday, Palm Beach Atlantic University hosted their annual American Free Enterprise day which is an event to honor people who exemplify the “best of the American free enterprise system”. This event is put on every year by PBA and while I’m not privy to the exact cost, renting 4-5 massive tents, hundreds of chairs and dining tables to serve and feed food to several thousand people while having all classes halted and staff stop work to attend can’t be cheap. With that being said, if you ever find yourself in a position where someone has gone to great lengths (both in time and expense) to honor you, then be gracious and uplifting with your acceptance. Do not spray your vitriol upon the people honoring you and insult the very industry in which they dedicate their lives. As my grandfather used to say, “just say thank you and go on”. 

Now then, onto the links:

The Internet Arcade
Where was this when I was bored?

Why Microsoft Azure’s embrace of open source is real
That is one big container ship.

DocumentDB Query Demo
Because why not.

Microsoft and Dropbox announce strategic partnership to give people more freedom in how they work
Things are going to get interesting…

To Prevent Kidney Stones: Go Easy On Soda And Drink Lots Of Water
Amen. Times 2.

Microsoft’s evolving Groups feature aims to improve collaboration, likely at the expense of similar Office 365 options
If everyone is using a different collaboration tool…

Red Pill or Blue Pill? Choosing Between SQL & NoSQL
Short answer? It depends.

Dude Opens Magic Card Deck, Finds $30,000 Card
At least he had gloves on.