Link Roundup 2015-02-27

By February 27, 2015 links

I hope your week was a pleasant one and the weekend is arriving with your batteries still having some charge left in them. If not, hopefully some of these articles will spark your imagination.

Why Stack Exchange Doesn’t Corral Workers Into An Office
This horse is dead but management still doesn’t acknowledge the beating

Mars One selects 1 ‘alien’ and 99 human finalists to die on Mars
Can we vote on who to send (even if they didn’t sign up)?

What happens to programmers when they get old?
They have a strong magnet applied and put into a bin.

The new OneDrive API
Probably a LOTR joke in there somewhere…

A LOT of tech workers are being bullied at work
It rolls downhill folks. It rolls downhill…

Prepare for faster, safer web browsing: The next-gen HTTP/2 protocol is done
Great. Now about that email.

Hiring Programmers
You can’t teach enthusiasm.

Estimates? We Don’t Need No Stinking Estimates!
Let me think this one over.