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By August 30, 2013, clients, code, jQuery, SEO

Have you ever been to a really busy general contractor’s house and wonder to yourself, “this guy’s house could use some touch ups”? Chances are he isn’t lazy, he has just been focused on getting other client’s work done first. This was true for my “house” as well. My company web site, while certainly acceptable, had aged to the point where it was well overdue for an upgrade.

web development services

The new site at now represents more of what I do around web development. Quite a bit of my work is providing consulting services to help clients figure out where to take their web sites. I have also been doing a large amount of basic management work including upgrading sites, moving sites to new providers and applying some basic Search Engine Optimization principles to sites. I still do development as well. I’ve just expanded from doing just development. 

The site now supports a responsive design meaning it will display differently (and hopefully better) depending on what device you are using (mobile phone, tablet, desktop). My tests on an iPhone and Nexus 7 have been good. If you are using a different device and something looks or works funky, drop me a note and let me know.

If you have a question concerning your web site, company database systems or Internet marketing initiatives, please contact me. I’ve got experience in a wide range of areas. Chances are, if I can’t answer your question immediately, I can either get the answer or put you on a path to get it to you.


Thanks for reading,

Mitchell Adams
Owner – Kyureodo, Inc.