Over the past year, my brother and I have been plugging away at building RelicRecord.com; a small SaaS application for metal detecting enthusiasts and collectors to have a simple way to catalog and archive all the items they find or collect.

It has been a fair amount of work considering it is just the two of us working on it on a regular basis and both of us have (or had) full time jobs to manage. Not to say we haven’t had help, Will has a great network of friends who have helped us with the marketing website, shooting and editing videos and providing all around advice. Even the parental units have been game to help us out by writing a few really fantastic blog articles.

This weekend we get to run our first test to see if the product is of any use to our most active newsletter subscribers. You can read more of my thoughts of releasing a product into the hands of users on RelicRecord.com. If you want to take a run through the software, then sign up forĀ our newsletter or shoot me an email and I’ll get you into the preview.

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