Relic Record – A New Business

By February 6, 2015 entrepreneur
Do you have a collection you would like to record and track online where ever you are? If you do, then you will want to keep an eye on  Relic Record is a new business being spun up by myself and Will Adams (yes, he is related) to help you inventory and share items you collect. From one of my blog postings on
What we hope to deliver with Relic Record is a simple way for collectors of all ages to keep documentation (photographs, dates, locations and costs) associated with their collections up to date and in a central, easily accessible location. Beyond that, we want to build a community where collectors can choose to share some (or all) of their finds with other like-minded collectors.
You can read more about the concept at
Are you a Civil War buff and happen to live in the Dalton, Georgia area? If so, come by the Chickamauga Civil War Show this weekend, February 7th and 8th. Relic Record will be there with a booth so stop by and say hello. While you are there, be sure to get entered into a free raffle to win an assortment of Civil War relics.
We will be giving away:  (1) Confederate Coat Button, (1) Union Minie Ball, (1) Fired Minie Ball, (1) Sharps Carbine Bullet, (1) Colt Dragoon Bullet, (1) Confederate Sheet Brass Buckle, (1) Type 3 Cleaner Bullet, (1) Carved Bullet, (1) Union Eagle Button, (1) Austrian Minie, (1) 1863 Indian Head Cent.
If you can’t make the show then sign up on to stay up to date on the product’s development.