Rework by Jason Fried

By February 10, 2013 productivity

A while back a co-worker introduced me to the book Rework and other materials associated with Jason Fried and the 37signals crew.  If you haven’t done so already, go get the book and read it.  It’ll take you all of an afternoon to read it.  

As I read through the book, I kept trying to picture some of the philosophies outlined being put into practice at my current and previous workplaces. Most of these companies have had the traditional 1950’s era mindset of “if their butts are in their seats, they must be working”.  This just isn’t the case anymore.  I can do more work in less time if I’m working in a location where I won’t be interrupted. Period.  This might be my home, the library or even a park (with Wi-Fi of course).

Management will often use the “they don’t know if you are working if they can’t see you” argument when employees want to work elsewhere or work on another schedule.  If management doesn’t trust their employees to get their work done “out of sight” then they’ve hired the wrong employees.

Granted, not all tech professions allow for working in other locations but for those that do, why not optimize your working time?

I could go on and on but just read and think about it….




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