Self Defense and Ground Survival Seminars with Master David Rivas

By April 13, 2011 martial arts

On April 1st and April 2nd of 2011, I had the great opportunity through Palm Beach Combat Hapkido to participate in two seminars given by Master David Rivas with the International Combat Hapkido Federation. On Friday, Master Rivas gave a 2 hour seminar on some various fundamental Combat Hapkido techniques to a group of students from all over Florida. While most of the techniques I had seen and done before, it is always a treat to get to see a true expert perform and instruct the techniques. You are able to pick up on all kinds of small details you might not pick up on otherwise.

A few people for Friday night’s class were from out of town which was nice to see. Another great thing about seminars is that you get a chance to work out with different people and different body types. I tend to fall into a trap of getting comfortable with my uke and going through the motions rather than be “surprised” as to what the uke may or may not do.

The Saturday class was pretty much an all-day affair. The seminar was swiftly run and focused on ground survival techniques. The thing people need to know about “ground survival” techniques is that we aren’t interested in staying on the ground, wrestling or grappling with attackers. The techniques are really all about protecting yourself, hurting them and ultimately getting out of the situation. Once again, it is great to see a true martial artist demonstrate their craft.

Photos from the seminars can be found on the Palm Beach Combat Hapkido website or Facebook page.