Self Defense Double Impact Seminar with Grandmaster John Pellegrini

By September 27, 2009 martial arts

Grandmaster John Pellegrini, founder of Combat Hapkido, is coming to South Florida October 23rd through October 25th for a Self Defense Double Impact weekend seminar at Self Defense America in Coral Springs, Florida. This weekend includes a Children’s Safety Course, Combat Hapkido Training and Ground Survival Instructor Licensing Courses. Don’t miss this special opportunity to be trained by Grandmaster Pellegrini himself.  Read more about the Combat Hapkido seminar.

About Combat Hapkido:
Combat Hapkido is a new, modern style of Hapkido developed by Grandmaster John Pellegrini. Combat Hapkido differs from other Hapkido styles philosophically as well as technically.

Following are a few examples:

  • Combat Hapkido is 100% Self Defense. There are no forms (Kata/Hyungs).
  • All Combat Hapkido kicks are directed to the lower part of the body.
  • Combat Hapkido does not teach “acrobatic” kicks.
  • Combat Hapkido employs breakfalls and throws in a very limited manner.
  • Combat Hapkido has no hard blocks or stances.
  • Combat Hapkido does not teach “Traditional” weapons like joot-do (bamboo sword) or fan. We teach cane, belt and other Self Defense tools.
  • Combat Hapkido teaches special firearms disarming techniques.
  • Combat Hapkido contains a complete Ground Grappling program.
  • Combat Hapkido, because it is flexible, dynamic and eclectic, continues to evolve.
  • Combat Hapkido is not a sport and cannot be modified nor regulated to be one. There are no competitions, tournaments or championship.

If you happen to live in the Wellington / West Palm Beach, Florida area and are interested in Combat Hapkido, please visit Palm Beach Combat Hapkido for more information.