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Relic Roundup Podcast

By entrepreneur, Relic Record
This past Monday night, my brother Will and I were given an opportunity to speak about our new venture RelicRecord.com on the Relic Roundup podcast hosted by American Digger Magazine. All in all it was a great experience and we can't say enough kind things about the whole crew and all the excellent guests who made the night a success. I'm told that we reached just over 1,600 people that night and I'm sure that number will...
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Relic Record – A New Business

By entrepreneur

Do you have a collection you would like to record and track online where ever you are? If you do, then you will want to keep an eye on RelicRecord.com.  Relic Record is a new business being spun up by myself and Will Adams (yes, he is related) to help you inventory and share items you collect. From one of my blog postings on RelicRecord.com: What we hope to deliver with Relic Record is a…

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Three Ways to Protect your Business Resources

By clients, entrepreneur, productivity

What is the password to your website hosting account? Where is your domain name registration managed? Where do you go to create a new email account with your domain? Who has administrative access to your blog? If you are running your own business and don’t know the answers (or don’t know how to find the answers) to these questions, then using a few straightforward methods can help. Creating good documentation, delegating access to resources and…

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