Link Roundup 2015-03-27

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That image of Sam pretty much sums up my feelings for March. Maybe it was the birthday being thrown in the mix. Maybe it was a barrage of bad news across multiple fronts. Whatever it was, glad to put this one behind me.  Don’t get me wrong, there was some good mixed in there. I have incredible, thoughtful family and friends. That’s one. I also have a 4 year old niece who recently got a…

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Link Roundup 2014-01-03

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Happy New Year and all that jazz. Everyone stayed safe and didn’t have any regrets on the morning of 1/1 did they?  Here is to keeping 2014 in the positive and pushing out the negative. As I myself have been travelling and visiting with my loved ones, the list today is going to be short. Pay attention to the first one though. That should keep you busy for several weeks. Stay warm and hug the…

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DNN Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida

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I had the great opportunity to spend the day getting a glimpse of the DNN (previously known as DotNetNuke) world during the DNN Conference at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach Florida. I’ve been to numerous conventions, conferences and user group meetings over the years and the conference today was one of the better ones. There was a true sense of community you usually don’t see at other conferences. As DNN is a…

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New Web Development Services Site

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Have you ever been to a really busy general contractor’s house and wonder to yourself, “this guy’s house could use some touch ups”? Chances are he isn’t lazy, he has just been focused on getting other client’s work done first. This was true for my “house” as well. My company web site, while certainly acceptable, had aged to the point where it was well overdue for an upgrade. The new site at kyureodo.com now represents…

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Jenzabar JICS URL Shortener

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In my current position at PBA, I’m required to manage our internal web application which is a product developed by Jenzabar called JICS (Jenzabar Internet Campus Solution). The product will create very long and cumbersome URLs which makes it difficult to advertise a specific page within the product in places such as printed materials or in conversation.   For example one location in the product containing files for students to download might be something like…

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Importing Photo IDs from a University Card System into JICS


At this year’s Jenzabar Annual Meeting (JAM) in Orlando, Florida, I was provided the opportunity to present a process that Palm Beach Atlantic University utilizes to import photos created from a picture card id system into Jenzabar’s Internet Campus Solution (JICS). This process was developed using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Visual Studio .NET 2008. This presentation complete with a working code sample and instructions are available for download here: ImportingCardPhotos.zip (3.42 mb)

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Get a SortedList of Years

By asp.net

So this is the first of what I hope will be many code samples I’ve either written myself or (more likely) come across during my travels around the Web. Most of these routines or functions find there way into my common libraries and most web projects.  They won’t be the best but they won’t be the worst either. Feel free to suggest improvements or to use the code how you see fit. The first is…

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