Link Roundup 2014-09-26

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It’s been a good week for family. Mom was in town and we got to hang out a bit. Earlier in the week we had a nice lunch at the Old Key Lime House in Lantana, Florida. If you’ve never been, put it on your list. It’s a nice little hangout and the food is filling and fresh. Just don’t feed the birds. While it was a good week for family, it wasn’t such a…

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Startup Weekend West Palm Beach

By clients, code, social media

Crazy tired today. But in a good way. Went waaaaaay outside my comfort zone this weekend and participated in Startup Weekend West Palm Beach (thanks for telling me JT!) where groups of people interested in starting up a new business come together, pitch concepts, vote on the ideas, form teams and work all weekend to validate their ideas. Before I go much further, a special thanks to all the organizers of the event, the participants,…

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New Web Development Services Site

By asp.net, clients, code, jQuery, SEO

Have you ever been to a really busy general contractor’s house and wonder to yourself, “this guy’s house could use some touch ups”? Chances are he isn’t lazy, he has just been focused on getting other client’s work done first. This was true for my “house” as well. My company web site, while certainly acceptable, had aged to the point where it was well overdue for an upgrade. The new site at kyureodo.com now represents…

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Pressure Point Seminar with Master Mark Gridley

By martial arts

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about pressure points and how they can be applied to control a situation or be incorporated into an overall self defense system, then you will want to participate in this seminar. Palm Beach Combat Hapkido in Wellington, Florida will be hosting Master Gridley on Saturday, March 6th, 2010 starting at 9 am. This is an exciting opportunity to study pressure points and their application within Combat Hapkido with Master…

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Big Sky at Clematis by Night

By Music

Those of you who went to the University of Florida in the 1990’s most likely had a chance to see Big Sky play at one point or another. Several years after their “final tour”, the members of Big Sky teamed up to play several shows in Florida including a reunion show in Gainesville and a show at Clematis by Night.  While I didn’t make the trip to Gainesville to see them (UF was playing TN…

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