Startup Weekend West Palm Beach

By | clients, code, social media

Crazy tired today. But in a good way. Went waaaaaay outside my comfort zone this weekend and participated in Startup Weekend West Palm Beach (thanks for telling me JT!) where groups of people interested in starting up a new business come together, pitch concepts, vote on the ideas, form teams and work all weekend to validate their ideas. Before I go much further, a special thanks to all the organizers of the event, the participants,…

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Amorphophallus Titanum at Tropical Bamboo

By | life, nature

Wow!  What a wild experience. Over the past few weeks, I had been keeping an eye on the Amorphophallus Titanum (corpse flower as it is known) getting ready to bloom at Tropical Bamboo Nursery & Gardens in Loxahatchee, Florida (West of West Palm Beach). Robert and his crew have been getting all kinds of well deserved media attention which helped me keep tabs on how far along the flower was and when it might bloom. The Palm…

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Death, Social Media, and a not so Social Life

By | death, life, social media

So what happens to your “social media life” when you go to that great big blog post in the sky?  Is it a lingering death as the various entities involved decide your account hasn’t had enough activity and deactivate your account?  Recently (well maybe not recently but recent enough to still be on the brain…) a few friends and acquaintances have passed on.  One University of Florida Fine Arts friend finally succumbed to cancer after…

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