Link Roundup 2015-01-09

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It has been a good long while since I last pushed out a Link Roundup so this one has some older links along with some current ones. Christmas and New Years was a nice change of pace and as always it was great to see family and catch up. My brother and I even got to put in some work on our new business venture. More on that at a later date. I hope you…

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Exporting Microsoft SQL Server Data Using PowerShell

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One of the repetitive tasks coming across my desk over the past few years has been to regularly generate a CSV file from data in our Microsoft SQL Server instances for use by third party providers. While reading a newsletter from, I saw a post by Louis Li titled “Extracting data with headers using PowerShell“.  I’ve been working a bit with PowerShell and SharePoint 2013 so the article peaked my interest. Ways to dump…

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