Entrepreneur Week July 2014

By entrepreneur

Have you ever found yourself with a strange burst of excitement, energy and ideas welling up within you to the point you have trouble sleeping or focusing?  That was me (strange, I know) last week during the 2nd Entrepreneur Week in West Palm Beach, Florida.  During the past week I found myself attending Startup Weekend West Palm Beach, BarCamp and then Startup Demo day this past Friday.  The previous two events have already been covered here…

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BarCamp Palm Beach

By code

And it continues! BarCamp Palm Beach was last night at Bar Louie and Tin Fish in downtown West Palm Beach. It was good to see the momentum carrying forward from the weekend and see so many people show up. The group split up with web devs staying at Bar Louie and marketers going over to Tin Fish. I hung out around the devs and picked up some interesting tidbits on workflow processes and some really…

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Startup Weekend West Palm Beach

By clients, code, social media

Crazy tired today. But in a good way. Went waaaaaay outside my comfort zone this weekend and participated in Startup Weekend West Palm Beach (thanks for telling me JT!) where groups of people interested in starting up a new business come together, pitch concepts, vote on the ideas, form teams and work all weekend to validate their ideas. Before I go much further, a special thanks to all the organizers of the event, the participants,…

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