Anyone who spends a significant amount of personal time around me knows I am always donating, selling, or simply throwing away crap. Some friends just shake their head and laugh. I’m sure there is a diagnosis in a book somewhere for my need to not have a ton of “clutter” around. I think it has to do with carrying around so much “weight”. The more “stuff” you have, the more you have to worry about “losing”.

I had a co-worker named Russ at Shands Hospital in the bio photography unit who was a real interesting fellow. During one of our breaks, a group of us was sitting around talking. I don’t remember the subject but it was probably about some disaster in the area, most likely a fire. Anyhow, Russ said that a house fire is the equivalent of having to move three times. I never did find out if he meant the level of stress involved or the amount of stuff you end up getting rid of. Probably both…

So here I sit waiting to see how much devastation Hurricane Irma is going to level against me, my neighbors and friends and I can’t help wondering if I wouldn’t be better off “owning” nothing more than perhaps a few small mementos of people now gone. There would be less to protect, less to move, less to fret over, less “weight”.

I know it is unrealistic and impractical to not have “things” and still be a reasonably productive member of modern society. In my line of work, I need a computer, a computer needs a desk, a desk needs a room and a room needs a structure… and so it goes until you become the subject of a George Carlin monologue.