The Net Neutrality Debate

By November 12, 2014 entrepreneur, humor

Are you in the process of starting up a new business? Perhaps it is something small you want to do on a part time basis. Perhaps you want to be the next of the mulch delivery business. Whatever it is you are spending your life working on, you should be paying attention to the Net Neutrality debate if you ever hope to use the Internet to grow your business.

Even if you aren’t relying on the Internet to make money, chances are you still rely on the Internet for research, communication, entertainment, news and a whole host of other activities. This debate impacts you as well.

I travel back and forth between South Florida and Tennessee on a fairly regular basis. If the Internet devolves into a “pay for content access” system, this would be like me having to stop every 10 miles on my 800 mile trip to pay a toll to get through the next 10 miles. Hungry? You need to pay to exit to get food. Need gas? You need to pay to exit to find a gas station.

I could go on and on but The Oatmeal has already done more of an epic job (spurred on by the latest village idiot) than I could ever hope to do. 

You can read the entire comic here.